100 Word Challenge

“Why do we have to go to England” I complained. “Why can’t we go to Brazil” Lucca and I questioned together.  “Because I said so” Dad said with authority. On the plane, I was so bored that I fell asleep straight away.

11 hours later…

 “Ambrose Ambrose, we are here”Lucca said excitedly. Arriving at England it was so cold, frosty and grey. In our hotel we were on the third floor and the elevator was broken, so we had to carry our luggage up to our room. Bazil would have been a lot easier I told Dad.

100 Word Challenge

“Is everyone ready to go to Bath” Mum said as we were getting on to the plane. We had sat down, the flight attendant told us about the safety instructions. I looked out of the window and noticed three fighter jets doing tricks. After the 22 hour plane ride, we had finally made it to England. Dad had clumsily grabbed our orange and blue luggage on the treadmill. Heathrow airport was enormous and had people every where. It was the biggest airport I have ever been in.   there were people dancing, shopping, coming and going.

100 Word Challenge #11

As I ran down the stairs, I saw that mum had cooked some muffins for my cousins party. I love my mums muffins they are so good. “ Ambrose can you make the icing for the muffins please” yelled mum from the shower “sure” I said. As I tipped the water into the sugar and I nervously dropped the pink food dye into the icing. It was finally time to go to my cousins house and on our way we passed a big blue river. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” we yelled as we put the food on the table, I love parties I said to my self.

100 Word Challenge # 8

My cousin Tate and I were playing hockey in the backyard. Tate was showing me a tomahawk shot. Tate hit the ball and I watched the ball smash into the window. CRASH, went the window as it shattered into one million pieces.  Tate had hit it hard, she couldn’t believe what she had done. “Oh no” we whispered. The ball had smashed straight through the middle of the glass and left a large crack on the window.

Mum and Dad had been waiting for the window to smash because we always kick and hit tennis balls and soccer balls at the windows. That was the day the glass smashed.

100 Word Challenge # 7

We were playing hide and seek Lucca was it so I ran. I didn’t know where I was going. I saw a wooden foot bridge, it looked old and it was  covered with moss on the side.  As I ran over it, I saw a huge  field of yellow daffodils. I knew it was the perfect place to hide. and the sunlight sprinkled though the trees.  As I was lying in the field I was surprised to see just one little pink tulip growing in the middle of the field. Found you! yelled Lucca.

100 Word Challenge#

Who am I ?

I grow on an ever green tree.

I grow in a warm tropical climate.

I am grown in China and India.

I was brought to Australia 100 years ago by Chinese gold miners.

I am green when unripe.

I am strawberry pink when ripe.

I am about 25mm in size.

I have a rough outer layer.

My skin is easy to peel.

I have a white soft flesh.

I have a black seed in the centre.

I can be eaten in martinis, salads and ice creams.

Who am I ?


ǝǝɥɔʎl ɐ ɯɐ I







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100 Word Challenge #5

“When did it arrive” I said, it was my birthday and I was turning 12. “Yesterday” said Mum. It was a soft package the size of an A4 paper. I opened it there inside was a t shirt and it was from my Aunt in Apollo Bay. It was a blue tshirt with surf boards printed on it with the words  Apollo Bay. Every year I get a t shirt from my Aunt. I ripped opened the package and quickly put it on. I was so existed for  this surprise gift because I had received one, every year since I was very young. I feel very special when this arrives as I am a year older.




100 Word Challenge #5

It was a dark and stormy night, the lightning was striking BOOM BOOM!! We were lost in a cemetery. Mum and Dad had gone to look for a map. Then out of the darkness, there were three figures. “Mum, Dad” I shouted, “yes terry we found a map” but as mum and Dad got in the car… it all went misty, BANG! A zombie had jumped on the back of the car and it had crimson blood all on his ripped and old shirt. As Dad was frantically searching for the car keys. He had got the car running and we drove away nearly missing all the graves.

BTN # 5

R1). In Samoa September 29, 2009 there was big waves that tore down buildings and roads.

R2). There is a lot of earthquakes on the ring of fire.

R3). The crust that is on the surface is made out of tectonic plates.

Q1). Why did they call the ring the ring of fire?

Q2). What makes up the tectonic plates?

W1). I wonder how long dose it take for a volcano erupt?