100 word challenge #21

“But where would they hide it all?” said James. “How are we going to get the big pack of chocolate, without your Dad seeing us?” asked Tom. You have to seek down to the kitchen, you have to be very quiet like a ninja. When you get the pantry, open it and the chocolate should be there. Make sure you are really quiet. “What are you going to do?” queried Tom. I am going to build a fort in the door way, so Mum and Dad cannot get in, let’s eat it all at midnight.

100 Word Challenge # 14

As the door slammed shut I knew something was wrong. I went downstairs to see what it was.

“What’s wrong” I asked. “There…is…a…zombie…apocalypse” panted Bob.

“I have an idea follow me” I replied.

“You know Dad used to be in the army and has a lot of guns hidden behind his book shelf” I said.

“Did he show you that?” asked Bob. As I pulled open the secret bookshelf, I revealed a small room full of guns and grenades. “Get geared up and let’s take them down” I said as I busted in to get kitted up “Alright, lets fight those Zombies” said Bob.

100 word challenge #19

On my way to my  job as a arborist I came across two feet just hanging out from a puddle. I looked at it, I poked it with a stick. It did not move. So I took a photo of it and went to my boss and showed him the picture. Then he said that I was just seeing things. So I took him to the place and it was there, “told you” I said. “Hey where did it go”? He asked. I don’t know?,This place is         haunted… RUN!!!!!

100 word challenge #18

On the holidays, I went to the movies with my Dad and my brother to see Lego Ninjago. I really liked the movie. We went to Grill’d, a healthy burger place. I got a ‘make your own’, it was really yummy. After lunch, we went back to the movies to watch another film called ‘The Outsiders’. It was about the Bulldogs football team winning the grand final in 2016. The cinema was packed and we had the worst seats ever. Also I went to my grandma’s house and made a chocolate ice cream and a choc mint ice cream, yummy.

100 Word Challenge # 12

So what lies ahead? Terry wondered as he started to daydream during class. TERRY!!!!! Yelled the teacher at terry. If I catch you daydreaming in class one more time I am going to give you a detention. “Yes miss” replied Terry tiredly. Maybe it was something to do with his life. After detention he walked home because he missed the bus. When he got home he remembered that he was going to the wheel of fortune that night. He thought that he should guess what lies ahead. He got it right and  his family became billionaires.


100 word challenge #11

I was walking around looking for a good spot to dig a hole to live in. I saw a perfect place, it was the best place to make a hole. I started to dig but the dirt was too hard. So I tried again. The next hole I dug but it was too soft.  The dirt kept slipping down like sand on a sand dune. I was about to try for a third time, when some people came along. I had to hide so I ran behind a bush. The people wear freaking out they said it was big foot.

100 word challenge #10


I just ran onto the field ready to go and score some goals. It was the grand final Barcelona vs PSG. I got the ball and was dribbling down the field, I was about to score. The umpire called it offside. I was devastated. PSG booted it down the field, our team intercepted it, Messi was dribbling up the field, he pasted it to me then I sprinted down the field to the goals. I had a shot but I missed. It was a corner Messi kicked it, I went for the header but then everything suddenly went dark.


100 word challenge # 9

I  was in the Amazon. I was cutting down bushes in my way with my friend Quinn the monkey as it came rushing towards us. It was a pack of rhinos charging towards us. We ran as fast as we could until we reach a cliff . We did not know what to do.  We were tired but the rhinos were still coming towards us. We had no choice but to jump. So we jump and Quinn and I managed to hold onto a weed as the rhinos ran of the cliff. We were safe that was close.

My forever home


The author has explored physical characteristics of the character by describing him, as climbing to the very top of the tree and he has  big ears. The main character purrs so I think he is a cat. His name is Sammie.During the story sammie grows biger so his ears do not look so big anymore


The author has explored intellectual characteristics of the character by having the main character very confused about what is happening to his home.Sammie learns as the story develops a liking for humans because the mum gives him a big comfortable box with a fluffy blanket.He is smart because he can get his own food.


The author has explored emotional characteristics of the character by telling us that Sammie was happy to find a good place to call home, he had a sea view. Sammies feeling change thoughtout the story because his owners gave food to him he liked them.


The author has explored philosophical characteristics of the character by having Sammie’s beliefs change throughout the story because he now has a best friend and he is worth purring for. Sammie’s life is very easy at the end. He gets things like food and his own small house.Sammie believes that his life is the best because he has a favourite  tree and a cosy bed and the best thing is that there is no one to bug him.


The author has explored social characteristics of the character by telling us Sammie chooses Ethan to be his best friend as he cares about him because Ethan lets him sleep on his bed every night. And he worries about Sammie when he goes out side in the cold. Sammie’s social standing has changed thoughout the story, at the start he was by himself and then he finds a family.



5 facts of fiction # Charles

Fact#1-Fiction is all about the characters.

  • Trying to make you keep reading.
  • The main character is Laurie.
  • Laurie is a young boy because he uses crayons and a seesaw.
  • Laurie’s personality is cheeky and naughty.
  • The author did not explain how he got to be this way.


Fact#2- Fiction is all about what your character wants.

  • Laurie wants attention to make friends


Fact#3- Fiction is all about how your character gets or does not get what he or she wants

  • Yes and no because he gets attention and he gets in trouble.
  • Yes because the mum and dad found out that there is no Charles in the class.
  • His mum and dad would always find out. Laurie makes up excuses to not get in trouble like, ‘’Charles yelled so much that the teacher made every one stay in after school’’.


Fact#4-Fiction is all about how your character changes

  • Charles is actually Laurie


Fact#5-Fiction is all about a world an author creates

“This is a world where”…

A boy named Laurie. He is naughty, cheeky and he is very mean at school. He makes excuses not to get in trouble and blames it on an imaginary boy named Charles.  5