100 word challenge# pillop island

Are we there yet? I asked my mum, nearly there. reaplied my mum. when we got there Ziggy, Quinn, Luca, James and Erica were there. Once we had unpacked, we went to the beach and went isploreing for about an hour. I had just got up the stairs when I had to feel the toretcher of the rocks in my feet. phew!😅 I siad. the next day we played two fingers. I hid with Ziggy in the cabored then I moved up to the lagen were the perents were I hid be hide the coutch and the perents made a little house for me to hide in, it was in the corner. it was so fun.

100 word challenge# the play

On sunday Quinn came over to my house, first we played marvil, then we played minecraft. we made a world, then we founed a villige and made a tree house. then we had scones jam and cream for a snack, after that we had a tornniment of fifa 16. first it was Lucca vs James the scores were 2-0, lucca won, then it was me vs Quinn the scores were 1-0, i won😃:), then i was Quinn vs James the scores were 0-0 but Quinn won the penilties 2-0 Quinn won  then it was me vs lucca, sadly i lost😢😠. then they went home, it was fun.