BTN-Anh do#4

F1). Anh do fled Vietnam when he was two because his county was not safe

F2). Anh do has written a book called the hippest refuge and came to Australia

F3).  Anh do became an Australia comedian and he is very funny

Q1). Why did he want to be a comedian?

Q2). What year did Anh do come to Australia?

I1). Anh do uncle was a sapper for the Vietnam war  

100 word challenge #3

“Happy birthday Gregory” said his mother. He opened his presents. He got a blue camera. At 12:00 pm Gregory’s mum drove him to the zoo. He took many photos. When they got to the zoo they saw lots of animals. Gregory’s favourite animal was the elephants because he got to feed them. Then the clouds turned grey and he was worried that his camera might get wet so they went home and it was time for his friend to come over. It was hard playing in side without breaking things. But they found opening Greg’s presents really fun. I had the best birthday ever said Gregory.  

BTN #3 Federation

Australia is one country on a vast area of land, in 1642 Abel Tasman stumbled on Australia but did not make a claim. It is interesting to think we may have been speaking Dutch.In 1770 British explorer James Cook discovered Australia and laid claim. At first we were broken up into colonies with Great Britain as boss.In 1900 that changed.In 1901 federation took place.The colonies joined to become the Commonwealth of Australia. ACT and NT wereThe last to join. It was not easy to begin with. Things like transport, defence, and politics.Why could the woman not be able to vote until 1902?Why where the ACT and the NT added later?I wonder why the aboriginals  were not counted in Australia’s population.

(100 word challenge) That is why I am always last #2

How can something be so tiny the boy said to his mother. When they grow up they will be bigger the mother replied, I am going to name you Little said the boy as he picked the new born pug up in his hands. Little had a soft, smooth and velvety coat. Little’s small round eyes  looked at the boy. Instantly they fell in love with Little. The boy knew that Little would be the best friend ever. The boy gave Little a 10 cm bowl. The boy had wanted a pug his whole life and little was perfect.    

100 word challenge #1

So that is why I am always last said December to January. “Why?” Said January. “If you look on a calendar I am the 12th month of the year. But I am the best month of the year. I have Christmas and lots of family’s get together to celebrate.  Summer holidays are approaching and all the children are not at school. Lots of people go to the pool to swim and have great times. So I might be last but I think I am the top of the months.”

“Can we please switch, I want to be last now” said January.        


This week the movie was about two soldiers wanting a better life. Private Sudds and Thompson were stealing cloth to get caught to be convicts. The life of a convict seemed to be a better one for them as they had agreed rates of pay, assigned hours and when they had done their time. The convicts could apply for land grants. Governor Darling had different ideas though. He gave the solders much harder sentence. 7 years hard labour in chains!  This was mean of the Governor but some agreed with him. Private Sudds died in the medical hospital 5 days after being seriously Ill. He died in agony.What happened to Private Thompson after Sudds died?Do you think Thompson and Sudds regretted their decision on trying to get caught?Did the harsh punishment done to Sudds and Thompson continue?I think it was a good idea that Francis was trying to save sudds and Thompson.

btn first fleet #1

In Australia the Aboriginal children were looked after by her grandmother but the children in England had to steal clothes to sell to get money for food.

The Aboriginals in Australia had a lot more land and nature in their environment but in England there were lots of population from the factories.

England was an Industrial town in the 1700’s making ships, clothing and guns. In Australia in the 1700’s it was primitive. I understand how the Aboriginals felt when the English their land as theirs. It was wrong of them.Why didn’t the children get paid when they worked?  


Camp brigdewater

My favourite moment on camp was the seal tours because we got to go on a boat. We went out really far. I was in the front with Quinn and Sarah, the boat was red and white and went really fast. There was lots and lots of big and little seals. It was my first time seeing the seals they were were really cool lots of seals came to us some big ones were sun bathing also we when into a cave and there was this white thing Sarah thought it was a shark so she hid be hind me it was really funny

I also like the sand boarding because the sand dunes were gigantic. I went with Ethan down the sand dunes it was a pain climbing up but it was worth it. Going down the sand dunes Ethan and I lost our hats we were going so fast. On our second turn I managed to get my hat still on the board. On our third attempt we ran over Ethan’s hat and on our last turn Ethan and I fall off our board however I managed to stop the board, then I got back on the board and went down without him. The next moment I see Ethan running down the hill. I was laugh my head off.

This has been my favourite camp so far at primary school, I especially like playing with my friends.