BTN-Synchronize swimming# 5

F1). Synchronize swimming has been a round for 100 of years and was could water belay.


F2). One of two sports that allow woman only woman


F3). There are big synchronize swimming compete around the world


Q1). Why were only woman allowed to compete Synchronize swimming?  


Q2). When will men get to compete?


W1). I wonder if the men will compete in 2024 Olympic games  

100 Word Challenge # 5

“Did you know that cars can fly” said Bob to his brother Kevin. “No they can’t said Kevin”. They only have flying cars in harry potter. “I will prove it to you”. Go to the shops and get me two rockets and an engine. Here you go Bob. “Gee, that was quick, thanks”. “Are you nearly done the car”, “yes”, “but how are you going to lift it up”. “With a ramp Kevin” said bob. When they got in the car they put on the radio, it was their favourite song I believe I can fly “lets do this” omg you got us stuck in a tree you spazz it was not there before.  

100 Word Challenge #4

For a while I have liked to cook. Cooking is something I like and enjoy, I am the only one in my family who likes to cook. I can cook lots of thing like pasta and pizza. My favourite things to cook are chocolate roulade, scones, cupcakes, biscuits and rocky road. A chocolate roulade is a chocolate cake rolled with cream and icing sugar.

 I normally cook in the kitchen at home with my mum. I have cooked a lamington cake with lamingtons, strawberry jam, marshmallows and milk chocolate drizzled on top. I stacked up lamingtons in a tower and in each layer put jam and marshmallows.