BTN# 9

Weedy sea dragons are native to Australia and can be found in the waters mostly off the south and east coast of Australia.


Weedy sea dragons are classified as nearly endangered species.


Global warming is killing the Kelp which leaves them home less.


Why are the weedy sea dragons nearly extinct?

 Why are they giving the weedy sea dragons names?


I understand why they are taking photos of the weedy sea dragons. To take a record of how many weedy sea dragons there are in the world.





Understanding= blue

Questions= yellow

Facts=  green

100 Word Challenge #9

As I walked into Grill’d, to order a cheese burger, I saw a newspaper stuck on a sign. I sat down and unwrapped my burger, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to see who it was but no one was there. For a second time someone tapped me on the other shoulder. I looked over and no one was there. As I looked back at my burger it had disappeared. Someone had stolen my burger. I could not believe my eyes, there was a pair of hands with my burger in it stuck to the wall like glue. The hands where made of newspapers. My eyes freaked out!

100 Word Challenge #8

When I was in year 4 my family and I went to Darwin.   In Darwin we drove really far away into the country to see some crocodiles. We got into the boat and when we pulled away from the bank we started to see lots of baby crocodiles and they were very small and very cute. Then we saw a really big one that was 6 and a half meters long with a wide mouth. Luckily we were within the boat and we got to see the guy feed him with an orange poll and something collapsed behind us, it was a stick.

BTN #8

R1). Today an average Australia home cost about $656, 800

R2). People borrow from the bank to buy a house then you have to pay it back plus interest

R3). Houses now are about 30x more expensive then back in the old days


Q1). Who increased the housing affordability?

Q2). How much will a house be when I grow up?


U1). I understand that houses are increasing.

100 Word Challenge # 7

I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting. It was the brussel sprout sitting in front of me on my plate.  Worst of all there was two of them. I tried to hide them under my honey soy chicken bones and my knife and fork. “Ambrose are you trying to make sure we cannot see them” said Mum. “You have to eat them or else no dessert and chocolate fudge is for dessert” added Dad.

So I put them both in my mouth and chewed. It was so disgusting but I got dessert and that was the main thing.

BTN #7


R1). The earless dragon are endanger from Farmers farming and over development that has destroyed their habitat.

R2). They are very rare species of reptile.

R3). Children are making clay models at school.  The scientist will put the models out in the wild to see if any predatory will eat them.


Q1). Where do they live?

Q2). Why are they called earless dragons?


W1). I now understand why they are putting clay models in the wild

100 Word Challenge # 6

The best day of my life was when Dad came home with two dogs. They were both for me for my birthday. One was a pug, its coat was beige and brown. The other was a French Bulldog, it’s coat was  brown and white. I named the bulldog Sleepy because he fell asleep while I was holding him. The pug I  named Fob (Full of beans) because he had a ball in his mouth ready to play . I have always wanted a dog. Since I was in kindergarten when I was 3, I had fallen in love with them.


R1). Aussie rules was created over 150 years ago by Thomas Wentworth wills.


R2). Teams would come all over and would be represented by animal totems


R3). Instead of the ball being made of cow hide but MARNGROOK ball was made of possum skin


Q1). Why do they call it Aussie rules?


Q2). Why do they have 50 players on each team?


U1). our very best players have been aboriginal like Eddie bets and Jason Johanason