project reflection # 2

What were the most important things I learnt?

I think that I learnt the most researching and doing our power point.


How did we learn it?

We had put the information into our own words.


What I am going to do with what I learnt?

I am going to use it for another project.



I enjoy working on my project and I found it very interesting I liked my power point and I learnt a lot of new information about a plant.

project reflection # 1

In term 2 we had to do a project on the Australia desert we could pit a plant or an animals. About five weeks to the end of term we were tolled that we were doing a project with a partner. We had to include information report, a diagram , a model and a experiment. we had to use our colligative skills to work well with in a group. Ana we had to do it by ourselves. My partner and I did our power point on the sturts desert pea. My partner was Stella.



  1. The sturts desert an grow up to two meters high.
  2. 10 seeds fit into a 2 dollar coin.
  3. The scientific name is Swainsona Formosa.


  1. that the sturts desert pea is red not green
  2. there is a pea family


  1. I wonder if you can eat the sturts desert pea?


Three facts that you found interesting or surprising.

Two understandings you now have.

One wonder you still have.