My forever home


The author has explored physical characteristics of the character by describing him, as climbing to the very top of the tree and he has  big ears. The main character purrs so I think he is a cat. His name is Sammie.During the story sammie grows biger so his ears do not look so big anymore


The author has explored intellectual characteristics of the character by having the main character very confused about what is happening to his home.Sammie learns as the story develops a liking for humans because the mum gives him a big comfortable box with a fluffy blanket.He is smart because he can get his own food.


The author has explored emotional characteristics of the character by telling us that Sammie was happy to find a good place to call home, he had a sea view. Sammies feeling change thoughtout the story because his owners gave food to him he liked them.


The author has explored philosophical characteristics of the character by having Sammie’s beliefs change throughout the story because he now has a best friend and he is worth purring for. Sammie’s life is very easy at the end. He gets things like food and his own small house.Sammie believes that his life is the best because he has a favourite  tree and a cosy bed and the best thing is that there is no one to bug him.


The author has explored social characteristics of the character by telling us Sammie chooses Ethan to be his best friend as he cares about him because Ethan lets him sleep on his bed every night. And he worries about Sammie when he goes out side in the cold. Sammie’s social standing has changed thoughout the story, at the start he was by himself and then he finds a family.



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