100 Word Challenge # 12

So what lies ahead? Terry wondered as he started to daydream during class. TERRY!!!!! Yelled the teacher at terry. If I catch you daydreaming in class one more time I am going to give you a detention. “Yes miss” replied Terry tiredly. Maybe it was something to do with his life. After detention he walked home because he missed the bus. When he got home he remembered that he was going to the wheel of fortune that night. He thought that he should guess what lies ahead. He got it right and  his family became billionaires.


100 word challenge #11

I was walking around looking for a good spot to dig a hole to live in. I saw a perfect place, it was the best place to make a hole. I started to dig but the dirt was too hard. So I tried again. The next hole I dug but it was too soft.  The dirt kept slipping down like sand on a sand dune. I was about to try for a third time, when some people came along. I had to hide so I ran behind a bush. The people wear freaking out they said it was big foot.