100 Word Challenge # 14

As the door slammed shut I knew something was wrong. I went downstairs to see what it was. “What’s wrong” I asked. “There…is…a…zombie…apocalypse” panted Bob. “I have an idea follow me” I replied. “You know Dad used to be in the army and has a lot of guns hidden behind his book shelf” I said. “Did he show you that?” asked Bob. As I pulled open the secret bookshelf, I revealed a small room full of guns and grenades. “Get geared up and let’s take them down” I said as I busted in to get kitted up “Alright, lets fight those Zombies” said Bob.

100 word challenge #19

On my way to my  job as a arborist I came across two feet just hanging out from a puddle. I looked at it, I poked it with a stick. It did not move. So I took a photo of it and went to my boss and showed him the picture. Then he said that I was just seeing things. So I took him to the place and it was there, “told you” I said. “Hey where did it go”? He asked. I don’t know?,This place is haunted… RUN!!!!!

100 word challenge #18

On the holidays, I went to the movies with my Dad and my brother to see Lego Ninjago. I really liked the movie. We went to Grill’d, a healthy burger place. I got a ‘make your own’, it was really yummy. After lunch, we went back to the movies to watch another film called ‘The Outsiders’. It was about the Bulldogs football team winning the grand final in 2016. The cinema was packed and we had the worst seats ever. Also I went to my grandma’s house and made a chocolate ice cream and a choc mint ice cream, yummy.