100 Word Challenge#2

One day I climbed up the ladder to the attic and found a tank. It looked like a fish tank, so I went straight to mum and asked, “did you used to have a fish”. “Yes” replied mum, “can I get a fish because we have a fish tank in the attic”? “Ok it can be for your birthday” said mum. Then we went to the fish store on my birthday and I got a gold fish with a brown castle, it swam slowly in the bag of water. When we got home we put small rocks for the floor and then added the water and the rocks flew everywhere due to the amount of water we put in the tank.

100 Word Challenge #1

“Mr Eert I have just discovered a way to get Jerry out of ninja jail. I made a device that can turn anyone into tree ninja’s.  They cannot be detected by the security cameras.”

“It’s time to rescue Jerry, everyone suit up, how many do you have of those tree changers?” asked Mr Eert.  “I have made 10, team assemble!” I replied.

“Someone sneak around the back to Jerrys cell ok. Every one turn into a tree ninjas and stand in a ready formation. The guards are coming.”    I yelled.


BTN #1

R1). Democracy is made out of two Ancient Greek words- demos meaning people and kratos meaning power or rule.

R2). In the 17th century Ancient Greece, Democracy meant the rule of the people however you couldn’t have a say if you were a woman, a slave or anyone to poor.

R3). The Ancient Greek leaders were to experiment with better ways to lead there people.

Q1). How many types of democracy’s are there?

Q2). How many representatives can go to parliament in Australia?

U1). I understand that democracy is a fair way to vote for the people of a country.

100 Word Challenge #23

We were moving very fast when we heard the sirens . I looked in my rear-view mirror, it was the police whizzing past all of the other cars, the case was on…

Our base was just up ahead but the police were gaining on us. The police were going to cut us off  but their wheel  punctured and they lost control. We cannot believe it, we got away.

Tomorrow we can spend  the money we have.  We are needing a faster get away car . What about a Lamborghini. Maybe a Bugatti or even a  Mustang. We can decide tomorrow, this time.