BTN #3

R1). Voting gives you say about things like laws.

R2). In the 1800 women were not allowed to vote because people thought that women were to emotional and not smart enough.

R3). In some counties you have to vote or you get a fine


Q1). Why do you have to be over a certain age to vote?

Q2). What is the youngest age you can vote at?


W1). How long did it take for everyone to vote in Australia?

100 Word Challenge #4

I was out on my farm doing my jobs like I would normally do. I noticed that there was a rainbow chicken, I looked at it confused. I looked up at the sky and there was a rainbow also. But it had not rained, I thought to myself. There was a flash of red and… PLOP! The rainbow chicken had laid a red egg. It continued to lay an orange, yellow, green, violet, indigo and blue egg. The chicken was a rainbow chicken. As I collected the eggs they started to roll around and all cracked open, to my surprise there was six different coloured chickens.

BTN #2

R1).  The speaker runs the show they tell people when to speak tell them when there time is up and makes sure that every body follows the rules.

R2). The speaker has the best seat in the room to see and hear everything.

R3). Speakers used to get in prisoned or beheaded if the king did not like the news.


Q1). How long does the speaker stay a speaker?

Q2). Why do new speakers take office there escorted to the chair


U1). I understand why the speakers have a mace for there house.

100 Word Challenge #4

Let me tell you the story of how I found a wishing cup. I found a white small cup with reflective gold filigree on the inside while I was walking in the park. I fell over this cup, it was half way in the ground, and it was very shiny.  I picked it up and went home to make myself a cup of tea to charm down.  When I drank the tea I thought of a pug to keep me company.  I had finished my tea when the doorbell rang. I opened the door there was a white box with a gold ribbon. I opened it and to my surprise it was a pug.

100 Word Challenge #3

One day I was in class and we were learning about leaders. Then I started to daydream and I thought what if I was in charge? I would have a big mansion with a very big pool, Do speeches in front of big crowds and be famous and make a big change to the world, like make more renewable power sources. “Ambrose, Ambrose, what do good leaders have?” “A PS4” I answered quickly, “are you sure Ambrose?” The teacher said as everybody started to laugh. “No” I said “how many times have I told you to stay awake in class.”