BTN #4

R1). Adelaide crows are helping to launch a new league just for high schools called “High School E League” for gamers.
R2). The game that the children are playing in this E League is “League of Legends”.
R3). The league is just for high school kids and is very popular with Gamers.

Q1). Who one the first gaming contest and what game did they play?
Q2). What other games have they played and what where they?

W1). I am wondering how many you tuber have played ESports?


link to vid-

100 Word Challenge #5

It was the day of the Commonwealth games 800m final. There was the two Australian Athletes, although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress to get to the finish line. They were in the lead but the Jamaicans were catching up. As they came around the bend it was the last lap and the race was on. It was neck and neck but the Jamaicans were getting tired, 300m to go and the Australians were starting to pull away making a big gap between the themselves and the Jamaicans, at the last 100m and the Aussie has come 1st and 2nd place.