the webinar was about devies and what people can do on them to get money.  it is good to lock your devies, you can protect your devis by having a fire wall or having privesy settings. in 2017 ore than $90,000,000 was lost to scamers. turn off your GPS tracker when playing games

100 Word Challenge #5

“When did it arrive” I said, it was my birthday and I was turning 12. “Yesterday” said Mum. It was a soft package the size of an A4 paper. I opened it there inside was a t shirt and it was from my Aunt in Apollo Bay. It was a blue tshirt with surf boards printed on it with the words  Apollo Bay. Every year I get a t shirt from my Aunt. I ripped opened the package and quickly put it on. I was so existed for  this surprise gift because I had received one, every year since I was very young. I feel very special when this arrives as I am a year older.




100 Word Challenge #5

It was a dark and stormy night, the lightning was striking BOOM BOOM!! We were lost in a cemetery. Mum and Dad had gone to look for a map. Then out of the darkness, there were three figures. “Mum, Dad” I shouted, “yes terry we found a map” but as mum and Dad got in the car… it all went misty, BANG! A zombie had jumped on the back of the car and it had crimson blood all on his ripped and old shirt. As Dad was frantically searching for the car keys. He had got the car running and we drove away nearly missing all the graves.

BTN # 5

R1). In Samoa September 29, 2009 there was big waves that tore down buildings and roads.

R2). There is a lot of earthquakes on the ring of fire.

R3). The crust that is on the surface is made out of tectonic plates.

Q1). Why did they call the ring the ring of fire?

Q2). What makes up the tectonic plates?

W1). I wonder how long dose it take for a volcano erupt?