100 Word Challenge # 8

My cousin Tate and I were playing hockey in the backyard. Tate was showing me a tomahawk shot. Tate hit the ball and I watched the ball smash into the window. CRASH, went the window as it shattered into one million pieces.  Tate had hit it hard, she couldn’t believe what she had done. “Oh no” we whispered. The ball had smashed straight through the middle of the glass and left a large crack on the window.

Mum and Dad had been waiting for the window to smash because we always kick and hit tennis balls and soccer balls at the windows. That was the day the glass smashed.

100 Word Challenge # 7

We were playing hide and seek Lucca was it so I ran. I didn’t know where I was going. I saw a wooden foot bridge, it looked old and it was  covered with moss on the side.  As I ran over it, I saw a huge  field of yellow daffodils. I knew it was the perfect place to hide. and the sunlight sprinkled though the trees.  As I was lying in the field I was surprised to see just one little pink tulip growing in the middle of the field. Found you! yelled Lucca.

100 Word Challenge#

Who am I ?

I grow on an ever green tree.

I grow in a warm tropical climate.

I am grown in China and India.

I was brought to Australia 100 years ago by Chinese gold miners.

I am green when unripe.

I am strawberry pink when ripe.

I am about 25mm in size.

I have a rough outer layer.

My skin is easy to peel.

I have a white soft flesh.

I have a black seed in the centre.

I can be eaten in martinis, salads and ice creams.

Who am I ?


ǝǝɥɔʎl ɐ ɯɐ I